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One of the most stressful and painful ordeals a person can go through is a divorce or separation. Ending a marriage you gave your time, energy, resources and love to is not an easy process. Divorces tend to upset family relationships and in the process emotionally scar the ones we once loved. Apart from the emotional aspects of divorce, decisions about property and finances must be made. When parties have children, the children’s needs and interests must be considered. To complicate matters, if you end up in court you lose any confidentiality and the outcomes are left in a judge’s hands. With Mediation or Collaboration you have control over all decisions, resulting in less pain, anger, frustration and fear.

If you’re going through a divorce in California, you need to understand your options as well as rights and responsibilities. You need someone by your side to support you and who you can rely on for sound legal guidance. Contact Patricia to discuss the options that are available to you and that will work best for you and your family.


Choose Mediation or Collaboration and Ease the Pain of Divorce

When thinking of divorce or separation most people automatically think about courtrooms and lawyers. There are other options available to you. In California you can choose a Mediated or Collaborative Divorce. A Mediated or Collaborative Divorce is completely confidential and the parties do not have to appear in court.  A Mediated or Collaborative Divorce is often a less expensive way to proceed with divorce, legal separation, or other family law matter. Mediation is when a neutral third party attorney-mediator assists you and the other party to reach mutual decisions about division of property, parenting plans, support issues, etc. A mediated divorce/legal separation generally results in happier parties and more lasting agreements as you both move forward with your lives. A Collaborative Divorce brings both parties together with their own lawyers in a process focused on mutual consensus.

When you schedule a consultation with Patricia, you can discuss your concerns and the circumstances of your case and determine together the options that are available to you as well as the best way to proceed.  With her sound legal guidance, she will guide you through the obstacles and lead you towards the best outcome for you. Patricia has practiced family law for more than a decade. She has often seen how a traditional court process can make a difficult situation worse, how costly it can be, and how it can have long-term negative effects on a family. This is why you need an experienced Mediator or Collaborative lawyer such as Patricia.  Please contact Patricia to schedule a consultation at 916-472-6232.


Post-divorce modification

After divorce your circumstances may change.  Sometimes these changes or circumstances result in the need to modify your divorce settlement or decree with regards to spousal support, child support, or child custody.  Major life changes such as remarriage, loss of job, relocating out of the area, all may result in the need to modify your agreement.   

My name is Patricia D. Clark, and I am an experienced family law attorney practicing throughout the Greater Sacramento, California, area from my office in Roseville. I can help you determine if you have grounds to seek a post-divorce modification and walk you through the process. 


Modifying Child Support, Spousal Support or Child Custody

There are common situations in which ex-spouses may seek modification to their Marital Settlement Agreement or divorce decree including:

  • Change in jobs which results in a raise or a job loss, which can have a substantial effect on spousal support/alimony and child support payments
  • An ex-spouse or the child is suffering from an illness or other medical emergency which can affect the payments or the parenting plan.
  • Your ex-spouse remarrying or moving in with someone who poses a danger to your child and isn’t in the best interest of your child.
  • A parent wishing to relocate

It is important to consult with a lawyer to understand if you are able to change your divorce decree.  Generally, parties cannot relocate with a child without notifying the other party and obtaining a proper court order. Parties must also understand that any agreements reached without a court order are not enforceable. This is especially important if a reduction in spousal support or child support is sought.  Contact Patricia to set-up a consultation and to fully understand the steps that are necessary for modification of your divorce decree. 


resolving differences after divorce through mediation

Often ex-spouses have disagreements after divorce and would benefit from post-divorce mediation.  These disagreements include: changes to a parenting schedule, needing to change spousal or child support, disagreements about children’s extra-curricular expenses and costs.  An attorney-mediator can help you reach a mutual agreement which can then be entered as a court order.  This is less costly than hiring an attorney to represent you and having to attend court hearings where a Judge will ultimately make the final determination.




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