Compassionate And Effective Family Law Services

Supporting Your Family Through Difficult Matters

When your family is facing a complicated legal issue, working your way through the legal process can seem like a punishment on top of the stress caused by your issue. You may feel like court proceedings strip away the personal elements of the situation and you begin to lose agency in the piles of paperwork.

Attorney Patricia D. Clark founded her practice to restore personal care and compassion to family law. The resolution for every family’s legal challenges should reflect that family’s unique structure and needs. The Law & Mediation Office of Patricia Clark, PC, invests heavily in getting to know clients in order to provide personalized approaches that achieve their goals.

How The Law & Mediation Office of Patricia Clark, PC Can Help

From her office in Roseville, Ms. Clark provides guidance for families facing separation and the complications associated with the process.

Divorce – Most couples want to resolve their divorces as efficiently as possible so they can enter the next phase of their lives. Ms. Clark represents divorcing individuals to help protect their assets and help make the process easier to understand. She has trained in collaborative law and mediation to help couples come together during difficult times and create agreements that work for both parties.

Child and spousal support – Financial arrangements that were implicit during the marriage need reconfiguration once the couple separates. Ms. Clark can help couples draft support agreements that minimize financial distress for either party and create positive financial situations for their children.

Custody and visitation – Although the circumstances of the divorce are out of the children’s control, they are seriously impacted by their parents’ separation. Ms. Clark understands this impact and strives to help ex-spouses maintain relationships with their children by creating effective parent plans.

In some cases, creating parent plans or determining support require issues of paternity. Ms. Clark can help guide families through paternity matters. She also has a track record of success assisting unmarried parents in developing legal agreements that put the children’s best interests at heart.

Get The Help Of A Family Law Expert

For more than a decade, Patricia D. Clark has been helping families find peaceful resolutions. Contact the Law & Mediation Office of Patricia Clark, PC, to schedule an appointment and begin discussing your options. Call (916) 472-6232 or email the firm.