Establishing Paternity

Last updated on August 24, 2023

Unmarried parents who have a child together may face custody, visitation and support issues. Either parent may petition the court to establish a legal parental relationship; and either parent may request orders for custody, visitation, or support. If a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity was not completed, paternity or parentage may need to be established through a court-mandated DNA test.

Navigating paternity law in California can be challenging. My focus is to assist you in determining what is in the best interests of your child and providing cost-effective solutions so that your child is loved and given a healthy, stable environment. I have over 10 years of experience assisting clients with complex family law matters. I understand how stressful and emotional paternity issues can be.

California Paternity Law

California law requires judges to make decisions that are “in the best interests of the child.” Mothers are not favored over fathers. What is most beneficial for the child is the top consideration. As your attorney, I will assist you with establishing paternity, including DNA testing and filing a Petition to Establish Parentage if needed.

Once paternity has been established, I can help you with other aspects of your child custody agreement which include:

  • Parenting time and visitation
  • Physical and legal custody
  • Child support payments
  • Name change

I have worked with numerous parents in the Placer County and Sacramento area and helped them in court and negotiate agreements that are workable and that protect everyone’s interests and allow them to maintain strong relationships with their children. If you have questions regarding your parental rights or need assistance with establishing parental rights, child custody and/or child support please contact Law & Mediation Office of Patricia Clark, PC.