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Collaborative Solutions For Family Law Matters

Last updated on August 25, 2023

Although marriage dissolution sometimes comes at the cost of communication between separating spouses, collaboration in the face of divorce can be of great benefit to everyone affected by the split.

Attorney Patricia D. Clark of the Law & Mediation Office of Patricia Clark, PC, is a board-certified Family Law Specialist in California. Her commitment to helping California families navigate complex legal issues has made her one of the state’s leading attorneys in mediation and collaborative divorce.

The Difference Between Mediation And Collaborative Law

Although mediation and collaborative law both endeavor to find peaceful resolutions to legal solutions by bringing parties together, their approaches and procedures differ slightly.

In mediation, the facilitating attorney works for both parties equally. The mediator does not represent one individual’s unique interests, but rather guides conversation and provides insights to help parties find a well-informed resolution. The attorney can mitigate conflict and answer questions but cannot negotiate on behalf of either individual.

In collaborative law, the attorney represents your interests and assists you in the negotiation process.

Both mediators and attorneys practicing collaborative law are invested in resolving matters outside of the courtroom.

The Benefits Of Collaboration In Family Law

Ms. Clark provides compassionate and thorough mediation and collaborative legal services for families throughout Placer County. Mediation and collaborative law can help families find mutually agreeable and efficient resolutions for an array of matters, including:

The benefits to going through mediation are as varied as its opportunities for application.

Saving money – Matters that must be settled in the courtroom may drag on, causing attorney and court fees to pile up. By settling before litigation becomes necessary, separating couples can avoid the expense of the courtroom.

Saving relationships – Court battles are adversarial by nature. A skilled mediator can help facilitate discussion and ease conflicts that could otherwise be exacerbated by the contention of litigation. Arguing in court can also put interpersonal conflicts on display for the children involved, affecting one or both parents’ relationship with them.

Protecting privacy – When a divorce goes to court in California, the proceedings become part of public record. Mediation and collaboration resolve conflicts behind closed doors and prevent marital grievances from being aired publicly.

Allowing greater agency – Alternative dispute resolution methods put the focus on the needs and goals of the individuals. There is no sense of winning or losing in mediation, but rather mediators focus on finding resolutions that meet everyone’s needs as best as the situation allows. Mediation allows for easier communication and clear discussions of the legal options available to both sides.

Seek Alternative Resolution With Patricia D. Clark

Attorney Clark understands the tumult of divorce and approaches every case with compassion and attention to detail. As an expert in family law, she has the knowledge and skill to help couples find resolution, no matter how contentious their relationship or complicated their legal matter.

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