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Client Testimonials

“I would highly recommend Patricia Clark. I used her as my attorney during my divorce. She talked with me for over an hour when I first hired her. What I really like was the fact that she gathered every bit of information about assets acquired over a long term marriage in our discussions. I had a lot of paperwork I had to provide as well. She is very knowledgeable about what California law requires to be paid back in regards to inheritance issues. When she had all the facts, she presented me with a plan on how we would proceed with opposing counsel. To my relief, with her knowledge I did not have to pay back any funds of what I thought I would have. I received 50% of the proceeds of the sale of my house. With a divorce that started out with unfairness and my realization that I needed an attorney for my protection I’m very glad I hired Patricia; she made sure I received fairness. That was all I wanted in my divorce. Patricia is well worth the cost of her services. She will not rake anyone over the financial coals as the first attorney I hired did and then I fired. Patricia gets five stars from me. I have referred her to a few people who need a good divorce attorney.”


“I had what some would call a very ugly divorce. Patricia helped me in many ways. She helped keep me organized, on task, and consistently offered sound counsel. But most importantly, Patricia helped me keep my cool and maintain a positive perspective when the other party fostered unethical tactics and consistently delayed the case. She knew just how to keep the case moving forward, use information strategically, and when not to use information. Neither party wins when it comes to a divorce, but in this case I know one person that walked away with mental burdens to bare, and the other with a clean conscious, pride, and a life to look forward to with his kids – me. Thank you, Patricia. Thank you!”


“Patti has been my attorney for several years and I have always had the best experience and received the best advice. I highly recommend her to anyone!”


“Patricia always promptly answered any questions I had. She was always on top of things. When Patricia took over my case she handled everything exceptionally well and made the tiresome process easier to handle. I would highly recommend Patricia!!!”